Henderson Bowling Club is committed to the promotion of the sport of bowls

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join before I can play?
No – we recommend you come down and give bowls a go before you join. 
If you’ve played before, you can come and join a roll-up at a cost of $5.​

Do I need to buy white clothes?
Roll-ups are played in mufti as well as some other Club tournaments, only Club Championship events must be played in white or cream clothes. 
We also have our own uniform and these clothes can be purchased from the Club.​

Do I need special shoes?
To play bowls you must have flat, smooth soled shoes. 
Our Comfitpro shop stocks a range of official bowling shoes.

​​Isn’t bowls just for old people?
​No!  People of all ages, gender, ethnicities and physical fitness can play bowls.